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STORY - Goldgenie Concierge
World's finests concierge service available 24/7 365 days a year.
Concierge service, London Concierge, Private Office, VIP office, vip service
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We pride ourselves on offering a seamless service from initial contact to delivering an exceptional outcome for our clients. We create experiences and below are some examples of how we can assist you to make your life easier.

I will be visiting Singapore last minute to attend a private event, I need help to arrange some clothes and assistance to purchase a suitable present for the host.

We arranged a renowned personal stylist to meet the client and take him to the well known Paragon shopping centre and booked appointments with Salvatore Ferragamo and Ermenegildo Zegna. We created a personal brand for the client taking into consideration his personality and the image he wanted to project. The stylist introduced the concept of a “capsule wardrobe” consisting of a few basics and a lot of mix-and-match accessories within the limited time she had with the client. His present was a rare bottle of cognac and was sourced and delivered to the client with a card to write a handwritten note to the host. We not only fulfilled the client request but set him up with a bespoke style and image that he did not have prior to contacting us.

Me and my family are traveling to New York City, in the evenings me and the wife want to go to a show in Broadway and the kids want to be entertained with an activity.

Client profiles were already created on our system when clients received the service. We knew that the clients were interested in the hottest shows in New York so we booked the best premium tickets including champagne and access to a private lounge.  The show was sold out 2 weeks in advance for the general public but we managed to secure a VIP tickets at short notice. The children were interested in activities so we arranged for them to go indoor rock climbing followed by a VIP table at the Dutch restaurant. We spoke with the chef to request a personalized menu based on the food the children preferred. We also provided all transport and a trusted chaperone to keep a watchful eye on the children throughout the evening and transport them home safely at the end.

I have a very important meeting to attend in Vnukovo, Moscow. I arrived at the airport but was informed that all commercial flights have been cancelled. It is vital I attend the meeting on time so what are my options?

We immediately searched our wide variety of aircraft for the client to attend his appointment ahead of schedule. We found the client a Challenger 604 jet including a private DVD/Blu Ray player, WiFI, two Pilots and one flight attendant. We booked a chauffeur to take the client to an private airport where his plane was ready and also to take him to his meeting. We have strong relationships directly with aircraft owners that give us priority access at short notice exclusively for our brand. Our service is comprehensive enough for our client to rely on our brand for urgent requests.

I want to see the last Grand Prix of the 2014 season which is in 2 days.

The Abu Dhabi grand prix is a pivotal moment for grand prix fans as it can be the deciding race to determine who is top of the rankings and constructors league. This means it can be difficult to obtain tickets without a connection to the management team. We have the relationships in place to be able to accommodate all request for major international events and took pride in calling the client to let him know that not only that we secured his tickets but arranged exclusive paddock entry to meet the teams directly, have interactions with international celebrities and also have an excellent vantage point to see the podium ceremony at the end. The package also included complementary transport to and from his hotel in a Mercedes AMG but full hospitality including unlimited food and drink for him and his guests during the event. He has since requested tickets for Monaco and Monza every year.

I saw this celebrity on TV wearing this necklace (picture provided)- Can you get it?

We look the reference picture to our network of Jewelers, they verified the design house that the piece came from and we arranged the international purchase and delivery of the exquisite necklace to the client ready to be presented. The client thanked us as the lucky lady thought the client went to the extra effort to find, buy and present the gift in time for her birthday. We are happy to offer a discreet rapid service for any last minute, but vital requests.

Find me a safe to fit into my new home.

Our client brought a new property and wished for us to find him a suitable safe that would not only produce a high level of protection but to also fit in with the interior of the space. We knew that the client had strong affiliations with luxury brands so we researched extensively the requirements and suggested some industry leading models to be considered. Our research lead us to suggest a Dottling Narcissus which is considered impregnable and has been designed in collaboration by Karl Lagerfeld so it aligned with the form factor the client had in mind. We also used our trusted suppliers to have it installed with minimal inconvenience for our client.